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Eaton Raxton

AB and BB Adaptors and Reducers

Raxton Exd/Exe adaptors and reducers provide a means of connection between dissimilar thread forms or sizes. Metallic adaptors have a hexagonal body; if space is a critical factor, round adaptors can be offered with an equivalent diameter of the standard hexagonal item.

Raxton adaptors and reducers are marked with the applicable approval number and size.

Code of protection categories

  • ATEX/IECEx/INMETRO: I M2, Ex db I/IIC Mb/Gb, Ex eb IIC Gb, Ex tb IIIC Db
  • EAC: Ex d I/IIC, Ex e I/IIC, Ex tb IIIC Db
  • CSA: Cl I Zn 1 AEx db IIC Gb, Ex db IIC Gb (see certificate for threadforms & material details)
  • CCC:   Ex d IIC Gb, Ex e IIC Gb, Ex tD A21 IP6X


-60°C to +200°C ; depending on O-ring or sealing washer used

Ingress protection (IP)

Independently tested to IP66 / IP68 when fitted in accordance to manufacturer’s instructions.