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Eaton Raxton

Right angle M-F, M-M, & F-F adaptors - FG, FK & FN

Right Angle Adaptors provide a means of connection where protrusion space is limited, whilst simultaneously if necessary, converting the entry thread to that of a different type or reducing size and/or gender of the female thread.

Right Angle Adaptors are available in male to female (type FG), male to male (type FK) and female to female (type FN) versions.

Raxton adaptors are marked with the applicable approval number and size.

Certifications and compliances

Code of protection categories


IECEx: Ex db I/IIC Mb/Gb, Ex e I/IIC Mb/Gb, Ex tb IIIC Db (Aluminium not mining)


Ex e, Ex tb Temperature range: -60°C to + 200°C. For more information, please contact us.

Ingress protection (IP)

IP64 when fitted without sealing washer. IP66/IP68 when fitted with washer or thread sealant according to manufacturer’s instructions.